About  Open Foodservice Systems Consortium (OFSC)

Open Foodservice System Consortium (OFSC) is a community of food service companies they aspire to be Increase their business by information technologies.

Based on the requests by the OFSC Foodservice members, we stated that its purpose is to achieve a high cost effect system. For this purpose, OFSC develops the standardizing connection level to put each system and machine together,effectively.

Its members are consisted of foodservice companies, ITsystem & hardwar evenders,and service venders.


About the ReceiptLine

 ReceiptLine is the receipt description language that expresses the output image of small roll paper. It supports printing paper receipts using a receipt printer and displaying electronic receipts on a POS system or smartphone. It is possible to simply describe images such as receipts, foodservice slips, transaction slips, etc. in text data that does not depend on the paper width.

Download documents

You can download some documents from these links.


Let's be a contributor to implementation


OFSCに入会されると、OFSC標準の策定に参加できる他、OFSC標準についてメンバーと情報交換をすることも可能です。OFSCに入会して、外食企業向けの情報システムに関しての ”さきがけ” となりましょう。


  事務局長 酒美保夫
東京都千代田区九段南4-7-16 ヒューリック市ヶ谷ビル 4F


Join us

Once you join the OFSC, you will be able to participate in the development of the OFSC standard as well as exchange information with members about the OFSC standard. Join OFSC and become a "PRESTO" about information systems for food service companies.

To apply for membership, please contact the following.

Open Food Service System Consortium (OFSC)
Secretary General Yasuo Sakami.
4-7F, Hulic Ichigaya Building, 4-7-16 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo